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Filtrexx® StormExx® CLEAN is a catch basin filter insert designed to fit any existing storm water drain system. It is an exceptional solution for those areas where placing a Soxx around inlets is problematic, inconvenient or even dangerous. Besides water runoff, streets and parking lots carry a lot of debris and contaminants that could pollute storm drain systems and eventually natural sources of water such as rivers and streams where the stormwater runoff is discharged. Using a stormwater solution with a replaceable cartridge, facilitates installation, maintenance and replacement.

StormExx CLEAN is used under the grate as a replaceable cartridge for contaminant removal. Its innovative design helps collect large amounts of sediment and debris inside the drain without being visible from the street surface. Optional sample port available. Overflow bypass: 500+ gpm (flow rates based on controlled in-house testing; rates may vary and are dependent on site specific environmental conditions. Consult maintenance guide for performance criteria).

  • Treats stormwater at the street/inlet level
  • Captures trash, sediment and soluble, invisible pollutants
  • Fits any existing storm drain system
  • Variable filter system suitable for high or low water flow rates
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of treatment cartridges
  • Urban runoff
  • Roadways
  • Parking lots
  • Oil & fuel spills
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Industrial sites
  • Factories
  • Maintenance
  • Sumps
  • Fire water runoff
  • Equipment wash-down
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Item #

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61FX-SXRG N/A Round Grate StormExx™ Drain System N/A 1 N/A Round
61FX-SXSG N/A Square Grate StormExx™ Drain System N/A 1 N/A Square
61FX-SXTCRG N/A StormExx™ Trash Capture Drain System N/A 1 N/A Round
61FX-SXTCSG N/A StormExx™ Trash Capture Drain System N/A 1 N/A Square
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